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   Established in May. 2011, Foshan Renwei Steel Co., Ltd is located in Liyuan Metal Logistics City at the entrance of Fochen
Road. As an integrated enterprise involved in stainless steel sales, processing and delivery, Renwei Steel offers one-stop
solution for customers. Renwei Steel mainly deals with first-grade 300 and 400 series stainless steel from TISCO, QPSS,
Baoxin, JISCO and LISCO.
Renwei Steel is dedicated to provide premium service to the customers, and it has imported from Japan the most advanced
AMADA FOMⅡRI3015 sheet & tube integrated laser cutting machine, as well as AMADA bending machine, Baichao shearing machine
and Guohui digging machine, to ensure high-quality and high requirement laser cutting, digging, bending and welding demand.
In addition, Renwei Steel has advanced surface grinding equipments, enabling it capable of producing European standard
stainless steel surfaces, such as oil polished snow sand (NO.4), oil polished brushed (HL), (SB) polished sand, oil
polished mixed sand (CX-B1), mirror (8K), and processing various kinds of mixed sand surfaces on clients’ requirements.
The above products can be used in kitchenware & sanitary ware, food & health machinery, elevator, industrial equipment and
decoration. With advanced precision processing equipments and senior technician talents, Renwei Steel is capable of
fabricating various metal plate products, engaging in construction projects, and processing with given materials.
The company possesses hand-held Oxford X-MET7000 series X-ray fluorescence spectrum analyzer and can provide you with
premium services.
Main business: stainless steel raw materials, finished products, processing, metal plate, etc.
With the philosophy of “rand- oriented marketing, professional service”, and the service principle of “All for one and
one for all”, Renwei Steel is endeavored to join hands with all friends and build a hundred-year brand enterprise. Here we
welcome all business partners to talk about cooperation, and Renwei Steel is your best choice!


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